Which iPad Would You Tell Your Friends to Buy?

Sarah Perez writes in “Apple Announces Too Many iPads“:

How many iPad models can you choose from now? Five? And that’s not even counting the fact that each flavor comes with various storage sizes as well as Wi-Fi and cellular versions!

This reminds me of the product line review Steve Jobs did when he made his second coming at Apple.  In ‘Steve Jobs,’ Walter Isaacson writes:

The product review revealed how unfocused Apple had become. The company was churning out multiple versions of each product because of bureaucratic momentum and to satisfy the whims of retailers. “It was insanity,” Schiller recalled. “Tons of products, most of them crap, done by deluded teams.” Apple had a dozen versions of the Macintosh, each with a different confusing number, ranging from 1400 to 9600. “I had people explaining this to me for three weeks,” Jobs said. “I couldn’t figure it out.” He finally began asking simple questions, like, “Which ones do I tell my friends to buy?”

So, which iPad would you tell your friends to buy?